Who is doing this?

Engage Art is a calling for Bill and Linda Bantz. They are longtime arts appreciators and philanthropists. Linda has a strong background in music, and, as Bill says, she brought him along.

Bill collaborated for a year with Teresa Cochran to outline how the contest could function to meet the goals God laid on his heart and also be an asset to artists. Teresa is a longtime public art, art education, arts integration, and public participation professional.

Bill built a dedicated team from around the country to execute the vision, but he remains the guiding force. For our beta test in the Carolinas in 2018, the team was led by John Wells, aka “the Tonic” and founder of Cross Movement Records.

The current team consists of:
Bill Bantz — Visionary, Philanthropist & CEO
Bill J. Bantz — CFO
Fokke Kooistra – COO
Will Feldman — CMO
Teresa Cochran — Contest Director
Kirsten Kreiling — Director of Marketing
Ranika Chaney — Engagement Manager
Kate Thomas — Content Manager

Engage Art Team