Helping Artists Personally & Professionally

One of Engage Art’s main goals is to help artists and art lovers both personally and professionally. To that end, we are gathering and creating a broad spectrum of resources for your use.

This page is your dashboard for accessing those resources. We hope you enjoy them and would love to hear your feedback on what is most helpful for you! Check back often, as we will continue to add to this page!

Meet our Masters & Mentors


Meet Jake Weidmann, a Master Penman, Artist and one of Engage Art’s Masters & Mentors.

Through our Masters & Mentors program, we showcase experienced artists who can inspire our “EA Tribe” and exemplify excellent art infused with faith.

We have a full range of resources designed to inspire, support grow, and connect you to like-minded artists and art lovers.

Engage Art Blog

Delve into our digital magazine full of inspiration and resources to help you grow as an artist and art appreciator.


Deepen your art practice, grow your art business, and submit your very best art to the Engage Art Contest! Or just learn how to see more when you experience art.

Engage Art Cards

Explore a fun learning tool showcasing a variety of excellent visual art inspired by Scripture.

Connect with Others

Connect and share with your tribe on the EAC Artist Community page on Facebook. All skill levels welcome!

Scripture & Inspiration


C-Elevation Explains the App

As a previous contest finalist, C-Elevation shares his experience with the Engage Art mobile app. The app is even better now, with tons of original content and original art in five inspiring tracks and commenting available on every post!

Latest Blog Posts

Explore a wide range of topics: get business advice for artists, understand art better, elevate your skills, find encouragement and inspiration, and a whole lot more. See our latest posts below or view all blogs here.

Submit Your Artwork Today!

Curious? Interested in submitting artwork to our contest? Know someone who might be? Through April 14th, 2022, the Engage Art Contest is open to the whole world! Get your foot in the door by claiming your Artist Page now!