Engage Art Contest 2020 was a juried art competition for original visual art, music video, film and performing arts informed by Ephesians 6:10-20, open to residents in North America.

Visual Art Category Winners

First Place:
Armor of God: Equipping Ourselves to do Social Justice Work
by Steve A. Prince

Second Place:
The Contenders
by Jonathan Millet

Third Place:
Forever and Ever

by Jeffrey A. Gomez

Honorable Mentions:
Covered by Michelle Washington  |  Fighting the Battle by Maria Andrea Diaz Perezache |  Saints & Savages by Geoffrey Bowton  |  The Struggle by Cody F. Miller  |  Asunder by Nirvani Harriram |  Me V.S. Me by Ronald Mondesir  |  Shield of Faith by Sandra Jean Ceas

Music Category Winners

First Place:
by NFTRY (featuring THRE, IV Conerly, Tone Spain, Eshon Burgundy, Jeremiah Bligen, Jay Cabassa & CHVRCH)

Second Place:
Act Like You Know
by Shane ‘Rizon’ Gibson

Third Place:
No Grudge

by Bj’orn Pierre

Honorable Mentions:
Marley Chatuye -Gürigie by Marley Nunez  |  The 1der by Anomalous Day  |  Loud by Esther Acheampong  |  E.t.h.e.r. by Darian Johnson  |  The Takeback by Robert Barrera  |  Your Word is Greater (The Hope Song) by Andrew Pickens  |  Step by Step by Wrudell Timothy

Film Category Winners

First Place:
by Isaac Morantus

Second Place:
My Biggest Fear
by Antwan Witter

Third Place:
Truly Valiant

by Patrick Meikle & Jade Carberry

Honorable Mentions:
Vigilant by Alfonso Meléndez Sánchez  |  Temptation by Willie Singh

Door of Paradise by Simon Joseph Thompson  |  Ephesians 6:10-20 by Xperimenta

Run To Win by Jonathan Rotherme | Fallen Knights by Cristian Vargas

Stand Your Ground  by Johnny D. Dutch

Performing Arts Category Winners

First Place:
Trial and Faith
by Willow Pinkerton

Second Place:
by Karlos Smith

Third Place:

by Triston N Gollop

Honorable Mentions:
“Battle Ready” by Dance and Arts Dimensions Academy |  Ashamed to Engage by Sanjae Shanna Kay Innis |  AN ENDING  by Javaughn Lewis  |  WORDS  by Jhenelle Lewis  |  The Hammer and the Dance by Camille Hanson and Juan Carlos Arévalo  |  Both Sides by Daniel Knudsen  |  MINDMAZE  by Marcelino DaCosta

Engage Art Contest | The World (2021)

The Engage Art Contest 2021 is currently being planned so stay tuned for exact contest run dates for residents from anywhere in the world who are 18 or older.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Engage Art Contest 2020 (North America)!

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