Art Contest Summary

The Engage Art Contest is the creation of longtime art appreciators and philanthropists, Bill and Linda Bantz. Bill felt a strong calling from God to re-introduce artists to a wonderful source of inspiration – the Holy Scriptures. Bill and Linda feel that now is the time for this generation to contribute a contemporary take to the depiction of the grand story shared in the Bible. The themes are evergreen and provide fodder for a broad array of artistic response. And rest assured, when using Scripture as inspiration for artwork, artists are in good company!

For centuries, artists such as Bach, Mozart, Chagall, Dali and Matisse were inspired to create magnificent works based on Scripture.

Thus, the Engage Art Contest was born. A juried competition for original Visual Art and Video, (Film, Music Video and Performing Arts) the Engage Art Contest calls to artists of all skill levels to share their talents and insights based on the contest topic: the Spiritual Battle described in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses. Download/sign-up in our mobile app, which will help you engage Scripture (including our contest topic).

The 2021 contest will accept submissions from April 15, 2021 through April 14, 2022.

2021-2022 Contest Cash Prizes

$30,000 Per Category (Visual Art and Video)







Additionally, Engage Art Contest will award several Honorable Mention Awards in each category.


In the meantime, download the Engage Art app to stay up to date on all the latest news!

  • Register for an Engage Art App account, either by:
      • Downloading the mobile app and creating an account by signing in there; or
      • Signing up for an account on the app website

Anyone 18 or older.

Anyone younger than 18 can be part of a team, as long as:

  • they have permission from their parent or guardian.
  • there is at least one team member 18 or older to act as the legal Entrant.

Artists from all backgrounds have taken inspiration from Christian Scriptures for millennia. This contest is for anyone interested in using the arts to engage the themes around the Spiritual Battle. We invite everyone—novice to professional—to submit original work.

The Engage Art Contest seeks to mine the deep vein of artistic creativity around a scriptural theme that is both laser-focused and eternal. The Spiritual Battle has raged from before recorded history until the present moment. Humans play a critical and sometimes unwitting part in this confrontation between Good and Evil. The Word of God is meant to aid us in this endeavor. His Word provides both our offense and our defense, critical information, a playbook, inspiration, direction, sanctuary and fortification.

Engage Art creates a space for artists to express their vision of the Spiritual Battle, inviting all artists to reflect on this critical spiritual dynamic.

The Engage Art App is for Scripture engagement, to keep you up to date on the contest, and to provide ongoing encouragement and professional development. You are required to have an active Engage Art App (free!) to take part in the contest.

IMPORTANT: So we can verify that you are registered in the app, use the same email to register in both places.

  • Confirmation of eligibility—including age and confirmation that you have an active Engage Art App account (free).
  • Artist bio
  • Images of your visual art and digital versions of your video. Art file limits: 400 mb file size limit; visual art–up to 5 images; all videos-up to 3 minutes.
  • Title, Medium/Genre, Dimensions (for Visual Art), Instrumentation and Lyrics/Transcript (for Music Videos, Film and Performing Arts Videos) and Description
  • Explanation of how artwork illuminates the Spiritual Battle/relates to Ephesians 6:10-20
  • Credits for each team member

Visit jurying criteria page for details.

If you will be using words—spoken or written—in a language other than English, please provide a written transcript in the original language as well as an English translation. For any video submissions (Performing Arts, Music Video, and Film) that include a language other than English, please provide two versions of your video—one with English subtitles and one without.

The artwork you submit may be used to help others understand and reflect on the Spiritual Battle, their own lives, and Scripture.

There are significant exposure opportunities for all entrants who follow the contest guidelines. All exposure opportunities are free.

  • These artists will be rated “distinguished” and will have a page dedicated to their submission in our online gallery.
  • On these pages, we include information provided on the submission form, including: bio, submitted artwork, other goods and services for sale, and contact information. All sales will take place directly between the buyer and the artist.
  • Some submissions will be showcased on our website and in our social media.
  • We will actively seek to reach other organizations, ministries, churches, youth groups and everyday people who can be influenced by the artist’s work. These groups and individuals may want the artist to create more of it for them.

  • Company/Organization
  • Website
  • Bios of each team member
  • Online link to video for all video submissions
  • Poster art or cover art image for all video submissions
  • Purchase information for entry or a copy of it
  • Other goods or services for sale
  • Contact information to get more information or purchase

Want to know more about who is doing this and why? Watch the video below and visit our About page.


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