Join a Community of Artists From Around the World

Engage Art is made up of a community of artists and art lovers from around the world—a tribe, if you will. We’ve crafted multiple ways for you to connect with us and with each other. Take a few minutes today to check out a few.

Our Community

Connecting our Tribe in So Many Ways

  • Bible Clusters
  • Become an Ambassador
  • Resources for Churches
  • Connect on Social
  • Write for Us
  • Record Scripture
Bible Clusters

Bible Clusters

A Bible Cluster is simple: we gather together artists and art appreciators from around the world (virtually in this case!) to read Scripture, discuss Scripture, and pray together.

Become an Ambassador

Become an Engage Art Ambassador

Engage Art is building a select volunteer team of Ambassadors to spread the word about the opportunities we offer: resources for artists and ministries, Bible Clusters, a private Facebook Group for artists and art lovers, and the amazing art in our gallery, among others.

Resources for Churches

Resources for Churches

The vision of Engage Art is to champion Scripture-inspired art. We want to reintroduce artists and the church and to help everyone grow by taking time each day to Engage Culture, Engage Scripture, and Engage art.

Connect on Social

Connect with Us

Our Engage Art private Facebook Group is a place for artists and art lovers of all skill levels. Here you can connect, share work, access resources and content tailored to your interests, learn from each other, get information about other Engage Art happenings, and discover a vibrant community of faith-based artists.

Write for Us

Write For Us

We welcome guest posts that support artists and art lovers around the world with rich content about art and/or faith.

Record Scripture

Record Scripture

We want your voice to be part of our new content. Would you record yourself reading Scripture for us? The recordings accompany posts in our app. We add new posts in our five tracks every Monday. How great would it be if each post included a tribe member (like you!) reading the featured Scripture?