Join a Community of Artists From Around the World

Engage Art is made up of a community of artists just like you from around the world, and we’ve made sure to create multiple ways for you to connect. Take a few minutes today and check out a few.

Read & Record Scripture verses for our app and social media posts! As part of the Engage Art Tribe – we want to hear your voice! See directions and upload your recordings.

A place for the EA Tribe to connect, share their work, and access resources and content tailored to their interests. The “Engage Art Tribe” is a community for artists of all skill levels to access exclusive resources, find information about the Engage Art Contest, and discover a community of faith-based artists.

Push your favorites to the top of the list. Browse the magnificent and inspiring gallery of artists and their work and upvote your favorites!

We want your voice to be a part of our new content. Would you record yourself reading Scripture for us? These recordings will accompany posts in our app. We want the Scriptures to be heard in the diverse voices of our tribe—all ages, genders, backgrounds, and nations.

Exclusive, customized content to inspire you and help you grow. Once you download and register, you are granted access to daily personalized Scriptures, delivered, as well as brand new content in five different tracks covering inspiration, resources, and prayer, etc., and giving you the opportunity to connect with our worldwide Tribe!

Churches and Ministries

Coming Soon!

A fun learning tool showcasing a variety of excellent visual art inspired by Scripture. Tools that showcase a variety of excellent visual art inspired by Scripture. The front of each card presents a large, high-quality reproduction of an artwork.

What’s a Bible Cluster? A Bible Cluster is simple: we gather together (virtually in this case!) to read Scripture, discuss Scripture, and pray together with artists and art appreciators around the world.