Churches & Ministries

For thousands of years, the arts have been a powerful resource to help people think about faith and connect with God. 

The arts are woven throughout Scripture, starting with the richly ornamented symbolism of the Tent of Meeting in Exodus and going all the way to the city of gold inlaid with precious stones in Revelation 21.

Ministries have long incorporated the arts in practical ways that become inseparable from their mission. Remember the medieval stained-glass windows portraying the stories of Jesus to an illiterate congregation. Think of the 19th-century hymns of Wesley and Beethoven and how they still evoke emotion. Consider how Alvin Ailey’s signature 20th-century choreography, Revelations, made Scripture relevant to new audiences.

Visual Art, Music, and Performing Arts can be a compelling way to make space for people to engage Scripture and draw closer to God. How might they enhance your ministry?

Resources for Your Ministry

Our searchable gallery is filled with more than a thousand original works of art that our nonprofit ministry partners can use free of charge in worship services and nonprofit educational materials. Through our contest, we have gathered original works of visual art, performing arts, films, and music videos from around the world. The artists are a diverse group from different nations, denominations, and points of view. Every work of art in our Gallery is inspired by Scripture.

An App that offers personalized daily Scripture readings and five different reflection tracks for artists and art-lovers.

Our Art Cards are a wonderful resource for art education and Scripture engagement. Alone, or with a group, you can explore different types of art—original work by living artists—and how an artist can bring insight to Scriptures. 

In Bible Clusters, a small group of peers read Scripture, talk about it, and pray. Engage Art facilitates ours once a month online. People from around the world to engage Scripture together, and ours has a special art twist. We have a resource kit to help you start your own Bible Clusters as well.