At Engage Art, we know that making creative work based on Scripture is foreign territory for a lot of Creatives, but that IS what our contest is about. In our quest to help artists improve their skills, help everyone understand art better, and attract high-quality work into our contest, we created the Engage Art Cards, featuring images by living artists working across North America.

The Engage Art Cards are a fun (and free., for now) learning tool that showcases a variety of excellent visual art inspired by Scripture. The front of each card presents a large, high-quality reproduction of an artwork. The back includes the Artist’s name, the artwork title, Scripture the work is based on, and a very brief Artist Statement. Knowing the inspiration for an artwork and learning what the artist has to say about it provide valuable insight into how you view the work. That awareness transfers into how you experience various forms of art from then on, and if you are a Creative, it may also influence your creative process.

The entire oversized deck includes two cards for each artwork and comes with instructions for several ways to use the cards. They are appropriate for ages 10 to adult in individual, group, and classroom settings.