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Brianna Sopourn is a visual artist who uses ceramic materials to produce faith-based sculptures. The transformative nature of clay has fascinated her since her first encounter with the material. To create intentional objects from something as simple as mud sparked a fire in her imagination. God placed an intense love of clay in her heart, which led Sopourn to earn a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently continuing her studies there in the ceramic Post-Baccalaureate program. Sopourn is a faculty member at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, sharing her passion for ceramics with people of all ages. This position is dear to her as she teaches at the museum in which she learned her love for art as a young child. Though versed in various media such as printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography, and collage, Sopourn employs clay as a building material due to the endless potentiality of the ceramic medium. Clay allows freedom to create three-dimensional forms birthed from the imagination that would otherwise be unrealized visions. Sopourn deliberately designs structures that will enhance her building skills as well as challenge the limits of the material's stability. Conceptually, her work provides abstract ideological concepts physical forms. Her newest series centers around her reflections on how to communicate Biblical and spiritual teachings through shape, color, and form. Sopourn's artistic practice is founded on Biblical study, and she intends to invoke an emotional response and spiritual stirrings within onlookers.


I Will Fear No Evil



Artist Statement

I Will Fear No Evil presents a visual representation of the happenings of the spiritual realm, thus granting the biblical text of Ephesians 6:12 and Psalms 24:4 a physical form. “Out of sight out of mind” is a dangerous phrase when discussing the unseen war over an eternal soul. This work confronts the viewer to witness the spiritual war and comprehend that a loving God is what shelters them from the evils that seek to corrupt and devour their souls. The scale of each element within the work provides context to its relative strength and capability. Humans, represented by the figure, are vulnerable and easily overcome on their own; however, when standing firm in the Lord, they are surrounded by His protection. The figure is ambiguously humanoid and devoid of flesh color to grant all viewers the opportunity to imagine themselves in its place. The demonic spiritual beings were created as torn and jagged creatures possessing an eternally unsatisfied hunger for destruction, their appearance being a fruit of their labors. The central piece towering over all else is presented as both soft and sturdy as a visual representation of the Lord is both unchanging and kind. When all placed together, it is clear that this spiritual war is only won with Christ.
This artwork causes the unseen to become seen as the war for our hearts has no end. To fear no evil is simple enough in words; the complication occurs when words become actions. Demonic spirits that dwell among humans remain imperceptible to those who are blissfully unaware of their existence or to those who sit complacently ignoring their presence. They lay in wait to consume and overwhelm their victims. To fight this battle without God’s protection is to be without hope, as humans are minuscule in comparison to the demonic powers and authorities that lurk to ensnare mankind. The Lord of Lords, Yahweh, is the only being capable of providing refuge to overcome the evils that surround us. Peace and refuge are only possible when one is dependent on the Lord in all things. Christ Jesus provides protection from these evils to those who love and accept Him as their savior.

How it fits into contest

This artwork grants a physical form to the spiritual battles that take place in a realm beyond what is visible to the human eye. Humanity sits in the midst of a battleground, a war where the opposition seeks to win our eternal souls. When Paul warns us against the rulers and authorities in the book of Ephesians, he is alerting us of the demonic beings that lay in the spiritual realm seeking to separate us from the Lord. The demons are condemned, and therefore intend to take mankind down with them. Humanity, on its own, is infantile and would be consumed and overcome by the insatiable hunger the dark powers have for death and devastation. If humanity were to fight alone it would be without hope in such a battle. However, we are provided a means of salvation through Christ Jesus. The Lord stands above all else and offers protection and peace to those who love Him. We were never promised continual comfort in life; in fact, we were promised the opposite when Christ said we would face trials; yet He reassures us so we may take heart in knowing He has prevailed over any evil that would seek our destruction. This work conveys the peace found in Christ amongst our spiritual battles.


Brianna M. Sopourn - Artist

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