Against the Spirit of the Age

Against the Spirit of the Age

The spirit of this age comes in different forms. It has been my experience that the dominate values of this society intend to disrupt beliefs and conform individuals. The series, Against the Spirit of the Age, depicts the struggle to break free from the hold society can have, and live in freedom which is available outside of its grip. My artworks are a visual representation of my life... the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most of all, though, my work is a depiction of how the Lord has loved me through my life and had given me peace and hope.

"Against the Spirit of the Age" represents Ephesians 6:10-20 by depicting the action of one breaking free from the evil one when we are able to take up the spirit of God and all he has equipped us with. The armor of God covers us from head to toe, and we need all pieces in order to stand against evil. In this piece, the bird is a representation of God's people (us), the feathers symbolize God's armor and how it gives us the ability to push away from evil, and the rope characterizes the "spirit of the age" or the "spiritual forces of evil."


Abigail Jones

Art Medium

Mixed Media on Paper

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