The True Shield

The True Shield

The true shield is an artwork composed of three modules. The one in the center, somewhat darker than those on both sides, shows a girl walking among flowers on what could be the rails of a train. The girl looks forward defiantly. If it were only this panel, we would believe it is a modern, self-confident young woman who moves in a gloomy and hostile world. The panels on both sides - much brighter - give a new meaning to the work: in her right hand she wields a sword and several flowers, and on the left, she holds up a small book from which an intense white light emerges. The total meaning of the artwork is then modified by this subtle and powerful element: a bible, whose content, without being a physical weapon, can protect her and defeat all evils among us.

At the bottom a row of rusty nails represents the world, and the golden scales, their riches and temptations. The winter clothing of the girl (hat, fur jacket, platform boots, rings) complement the total significance of the artwork.


Aldo Muzzarelli

Art Medium

Visual Art, Mixed Media

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