So What Does Art Have to Do with the Great Commission? | Matt Tommey

Engage Art | Faith, Reflection & Growth | June 6, 2023

I get this question quite a bit: "What in the world does being an artist and creating art have to do with the Great Commission?” Or better yet, “What does art have to do with savin' souls and seein' people come to Jesus?” These sorts of questions always seem to highlight a lack of understanding about what it means to walk in the fullness of God’s Kingdom.

Another way to approach this question would be, "Do we all have to look, act, and do Kingdom life in exactly the same way to be effective for God?" Well, I’m happy to say that the answer would be a resounding “no.”

God Moves Through Our Uniqueness

All of us are in this beautiful symbiotic relationship as the body of Christ. A relationship where each of us brings a different and unique expression of God not only to each other but also to the marketplace and to the whole world. It’s through our uniqueness, the way God created us, that God chooses to use us to touch and interact with people in beautiful and life-changing ways.

This is the way the Kingdom is designed to work. We are not the ministers of a “come-and-see gospel” but rather the ambassadors of a “go-and-tell movement” that God put inside us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Everything God Designed You to Be

When Jesus died, He didn't just die just for your sins; He also died to reconcile your relationship with the Father and restore you into the fullness of the Kingdom so that you could be everything that God designed you to be. And upon embracing that, God calls us to go forth to uniquely express His glory, mercy, and love to the world.

Maybe the real question needs to be, "What do I have to offer? What can I do, uniquely, to reveal God's Kingdom so that other people who may never grace the door of a church have ways to experience God's light, and love?"

Think about that for a second because when everybody does that—business people and teachers, people in government, and even artists—we ALL fulfill the Great Commission. And the best part is we’ll be doing it while embracing the unique design and gifts God has placed within each of us.

That is what art has to do with both the Kingdom and the Great Commission. It’s us—you and me—using our God-given creative vision and talents to do our part in seeing billions and billions of people come into the harvest in our generation.

I hope this has been a big, big encouragement to you. Take a moment to say, "God, thank you for making me uniquely who I am so that You can be glorified through me."

This article was originally published by Matt Tommey and is adapted with his permission from Matt Tommey is an artist, internationally-known Christian speaker, and the author of 7 books who is passionate about helping artists thrive spiritually, artistically, and in business. He is a mentor to artists around the world through his Created to Thrive Artist Mentoring Program and also hosts The Thriving Christian Artist Podcast. Find more resources from Matt at

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