Thank You for Ministering to Us through Your Art!

Teresa Cochran | Faith, Reflection & Growth | September 1, 2020

How Your Art Ministered To Us

One of the best things about working for the Engage Art Contest is that our team can see the submissions as they come in. Nearly all of us are scanning Submittable regularly, either to screen the entries for contest requirements or to look for entries to feature on our website and social channels. In one of our recent weekly meetings, the topic came up of how much we all get out of looking at your art.

Here are some comments from team members:

Bill J. (COO): My exposure to the artworks submitted has really helped me develop a greater appreciation for art in general and opened my mind to the different perspectives through which people see Scripture and create and develop their art around that. It has challenged me in certain ways and has made me a better and more diverse thinker. Thank you, all of you, for participating. You are loved and appreciated.

Will (Director of Marketing): 2019 was a year of personal adversity, including being buried in and surviving an avalanche, having my oldest child experience a school shooting, welcoming our 4th child into the family, and losing a brother-in-law suddenly. The Engage Art Contest inspired me to cling to God and to the Scriptures. All along the way, I saw comments and inspiration from the artists who were joining the contest or excited about it. I was blown away by the final comments artists sent us and how inspired and filled with hope they felt by being part of this contest. I truly feel blessed to have played a small part in so many people's lives. Thank You.

Ranika (Administrative Manager): I remember viewing one of the Music Video submissions with my colleague and tearing up because of the depth of the content, the pain in the entrant’s voice as she sang, and how it drew me closer to God’s love and forgiveness. Viewing these submissions has not been a mechanical process for me. It’s been transformative and a constant reminder of who God is and his authority in the face of daily spiritual battles.

Tj (Social Media Manager): As we engaged people on social media throughout the contest, I was always inspired by the drive people had for their art and faith. The passion in which they pursued the deadline while also overcoming current world challenges was impressive, to say the least. I believe their dedication was less about winning prizes and more about reflecting Christ with their art. I pray that I pursue my God-given talents with the same energy to glorify God.

Brandon (Tech and Videography Manager): Some of the submissions really blessed and challenged me in my walk with Christ. Thank you for taking the time to pray and then submitting to the contest, but more importantly, submitting to the Lord, knowing that in doing so, the devil will flee from you as you resist him (James 4:7) in this spiritual battle. 😉

Teresa (Contest Director & Education Manager): I kept being struck by how different we are, while all still being connected. We are all a part of the body of Christ, regardless of how we worship, what we’ve been through, how we make our living, what language we speak, and of course, the color of our skin. The biggest ministering I felt, however, was (1) how many people were making art during difficult times, and (2) the deep thinking and vulnerability that was going into so many of the submissions. When I was feeling down or hopeless, I could hear God’s voice through the Engage Art community whispering, “Don’t give up! Keep going! I am with you always!”

Kirsten (Marketing Manager): Being one of the newer members of the team, I wasn’t anticipating being so inspired by some of the entries, or by the comments shared with Engage Art. Seeing artists challenge themselves to truly delve into Scripture and expressing how it inspired them has deepened my own relationship with Scripture and with Christ. I feel and see His presence in my life always. So thank you for supporting and encouraging my faith journey through your art!

Noah (Social Scheduler): The artist entries submitted to the Engage Art Contest opened my eyes to a diverse world of artistry committed to glorifying our great God. Artists of different backgrounds, languages, and cultures came together to engage with Ephesians 6:10-20 and praise Him! Thank you for inspiring me with your creativity!

Joshua (Social Graphics): After being with this contest for more than two years, I have grown so much in how I view art as a whole. Seeing each artist tell their own story about the spiritual battle and all they have gone through while still praising God—it is so uplifting! I have a new appreciation for Ephesians 6:10-20! Thank you all for sharing your art and story!

Bill & Linda (Founders and Visionaries): When we were inspired by God to be obedient and begin this contest, we had no idea how much it would bless us and others. We knew from the beginning it would be an impossible task for us, but not for God. He directed us to build a team for this project, and a wonderful team He has built!  From your comments & reviews, you have attested to the team's work in honoring Him. From the team’s comments here, you’ve learned how you have blessed them. So now, you have become part of the team. Your inspired submissions and your wonderful explanations will continue to bless many others for a long time. We pray that you stay close to the original Creator (Gen. 1:1 “In the beginning, God created…”) and use your creative talents to honor Him. We look forward to your staying connected with Him and with us continuing to deepen through the Engage Art app.

So, thank you, on behalf of our entire team! Thank you for honing your craft, considering our topic deeply, and creating work that is on the bleeding edge of what you’re capable of. Thank you, also, for entering the contest. You have ministered to us through your art, and we know you will touch many others!

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