The Engage Art eCourse: Introducing Module 5: Reflect & Write

Engage Art | In the Know, Reflection & Growth | May 13, 2020

Each module of the Engage Art eCourse is designed to help you make the very best art you can – not only for the contest, but as you grow in your career as an artist.

We have shared the following modules previously:

Module 1 – On Your Mark! All about the Engage Art Contest

Module 2 – Topic to Theme to Plot – Understanding Our Topic, Developing your Theme and Story

Module 3 – Understanding Art – Revisiting the Basics, Building your Art Thinking Muscles and Why Better Art Thinking is Valuable.

Module 4 – Skills, Supports & Surprises – Build your Art Skills, Practice Smart & Know Thyself, Create an Art Space and Experiment, Collaborate & Review.

Module 5 covers “Reflect & Write” – Who are you Writing for?, Thinking & Writing About your Art, and Writing About you and your Team.
eCourse Module 5
This module is full of helpful tips, worksheets and hands-on exercises that will assist you in not only reflecting on your artwork, but learning how to write about yourself as an artist – and the artwork you create. This skill is a must have for artists, not only for contests like ours, but for gallery showings, art catalogs, etc. as your career in art progresses.

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Be sure to visit our Tools page on the Engage Art website – and keep an eye out for Module 6, which is coming soon! Module 6 will provide you with information on how to submit your entry, complete with our top 10 tips, submission requirements and guidelines.

Know that our entire team is praying for you to find success and fulfillment in your creative endeavors and in your life. We hope your work as a creator brings you closer to the Creator.

Please pass along the Engage Art Contest information to ALL the artists you know: performing artists, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, etc.!

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