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When you think of a “visual art career,” your mind probably goes straight to the image of someone hunched over a canvas, surrounded by paints and pencils. However, the art industry today has evolved to new heights. It’s so diverse, that you can pursue exciting art-inclined career paths that go beyond the traditional.

In the US alone, over 94,000 job openings in arts and design are predicted every year, leading to exponential career growth and opportunities. So, whether you have a fiery passion for art that you want to explore or you want to shift your creative direction, let’s delve into five creative art professions you can pursue.

Creative Director

If you have a creative vision that aims to bring ideas to life, a career as a creative director might be right for you. A huge part of being a creative director is leading and breathing life into a project. In this role, you’ll be responsible for heading the visual style and design for various efforts that can include the art for print materials, websites, advertising campaigns, videos, and more.

Since it’s a managerial position, the average pay for this role can go up to six figures per year. Despite its fast-paced nature, working as a creative director can be rewarding, especially if you want to realize your unique ideas with a team.

Requirements of Becoming a Creative Director

  • Hands-on experience with visual art creation and project leadership
  • Updated knowledge in using creative software like Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Excellence in leadership, organization, analysis, and communication
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, advertising, or other related fields—or experience that would be equivalent

To become a creative director, showcase your skills with a strong portfolio. Compile your career highlights that demonstrate your ability to lead and execute creative projects, from the concept phase to real life.


I am Zero I am ONE I am NOW" by Siddhartha Banerjee

Art Teacher

For those who find joy in sharing their passion for art with others, an art teacher path might be the one for you. You’ll be able to teach in schools, community centers, private studios, or through online courses. Plus, you’ll be responsible for inspiring the next generation of visual creatives in the art scene.

Requirements of Becoming an Art Teacher

  • A Bachelor’s degree in art and other related fields
  • A master’s degree can be an asset
  • Hands-on experience with art education

The path of art education means continuous learning and development. Attend workshops, boost your credentials, and connect with other educators to improve.

"Lily, Lily Light" by Jill Shuford

Art Therapist

Have you heard of art therapy? It’s a form of psychotherapy that uses art as its main medium to help clients in communication and self-expression. If the combination of art and psychology sounds interesting to you, a career as an art therapist might be your calling.

Art therapists make a positive impact on the lives of their clients. It’s a flexible job, perfect for those who want to use art as a way to help others. You can pursue professional growth in hospitals, clinics, or by setting up your private practice.

Requirements of Becoming an Art Therapist

  • Hands-on practicum in art therapy practice
  • A Master’s degree in art therapy
  • Licensure and credentials from the American Art Therapy Association

Learn more about how art therapy works by volunteering or interning at mental health centers in your area. In this way, you can gain valuable experience and connections.

"Stand Like a Tree" by Linda Pempel

Multimedia Artist

Given the rise of innovative virtual art tools and the powerful cameras in modern cell phones, you can go digital as a multimedia artist. They use technology and interactive media to bring their vision to life. It’s a fast-moving career option in the ever-changing digital age. As a multimedia artist, you can work with a variety of clients for digitally produced art collateral.

Requirements of Becoming a Multimedia Artist

  • Proven experience with multimedia art creation
  • A sharp eye for digital design trends
  • A Bachelor’s degree in multimedia arts or other related fields can be helpful

Image credit: Pexels Source: https://images.pexels.com/photos/4238489/pexels-photo-4238489.jpeg

To become an effective multimedia artist, stay updated. Learn the latest technologies and software in multimedia creation. Also, don’t forget to experiment with various media tools.

Art Conservationist

Art conservationists are like art doctors. You’ll be responsible for preserving and restoring artworks so they survive for future generations to see. Art conservationists are a critical link between generations of art lovers. If this sounds appealing to your love of art, this role can be a great fit for you.

Requirements of Becoming an Art Conservationist

  • A Bachelor’s degree in art history or other related fields
  • Hands-on experience as an apprentice

Enrich your love for art conservation by attending workshops and conferences. These events allow you to learn more about conservation techniques and the latest advancements in the field.

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