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What if Your Art is Just for Your Refrigerator? | Matt Tommey
Help! Nobody Liked My Art! | Matt Tommey
5 Visual Art Professions That You Can Pursue | Riley Joseph

October 15, 2023

Dear Younger Me | Bj’orn Pierre
7 Reasons Artists Should Leave the Church | Matt Tommey
Brian Mark’s Sacred Soundscapes: Ecce Nunc Benedicite Dominum & Prayer of St. Teresa

July 31, 2023

Four Questions to Ask When Searching for an Artist Mentor | Matt Tommey
A Closer Look: The Cross Series | Pamela Chiasson
man holding paintbrush and paints, painting a landscape
Considering Art as Spiritual Experience, Hobby, Ministry, and Vocation | Matt Tommey
Pondering with Purpose: An Introduction to Journaling | Matt Tommey
Present in the Upper Room | Piotr Barszczowski

February 27, 2023

Brush Strokes Escape by Diego Ducart https://engageart.org/gallery/visual-arts/painting/view/brush-strokes-escape
Starting Your Journey Toward Real Progress as a Christian Artist | Matt Tommey
From Warmth to Light | Ivan Pokidyshev
Can Kingdom Work Make Me Happy? | Esther L. Jones
12 Things Christian Artists Can Do Right Now to Start Thriving | Matt Tommey

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