My name is Abir, I am 28 years old, I am an artist painter based in France. I have explored painting by myself since my teenagehood. I come from the scientific research world, but I chose painting as a refuge to clear my mind and express all the thoughts that were spinning in my head. Recently, i have faced a paradoxical situation that has touched me a lot and that had a strong impact on the choice of the concept of my recent artworks, which is "the paradoxes" As an artist and a researcher, my role is to look for answers to problems. I was inspired by my research work in the management of paradoxes to create my artworks and send a message about the resolution of paradoxes in our social context. According to the literature on paradoxes, the dialogue between these contradictory elements can let emerge a new reality, which is more beneficial. Inspired by this paradoxical logic based on the acceptance of tensions, i hope through colors and material to bring people to question themselves and give meaning to the inescapable paradoxes in our lives. To express the paradoxes, I use two opposite styles: Figurative art and Abstract art. i have worked with different techniques and I like mixing oil colors and watercolors for the pleasure of surpassing the limits. I use different tools, brush painting, knife painting… to accentuate the paradoxical side of the artwork between smooth and clear and blurry and abstract. In this short video, you will find a short presentation of me, my artistic approach, and some pictures of my recent artworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-CEjgTfg38

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