Agueda Cardenas


Agueda Cardenas


I am a visual artist and scientific philosopher. I see philosophy and the sciences as equal partners in assisting creative thought with its explorations into attaining generalized truths.
I have always been sketching as a way to process incoming auditory information —while on the phone, in class, etc — and because of this, I developed an affinity for using pencil and ink. After a couple of years of drawing in black and white, I felt the need to add texture and decided to do this through embossing on vellum paper, a technique I learned in my childhood. I recently decided to add color, and started experimenting with crayon and watercolors until finally settling on color pencils for my current work.

My main focus at the moment is exploring the different languages developed by humanity to communicate the essential, and how and why some of these languages seem more contemporary than others. I am also very interested in the movement between good and evil -which I've come to see as two sides of the same- and the subtle changes and creations arising from that movement; always pushing the momentarily balanced, off.

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The best way to contact me at the moment is through a direct message from my Instagram page or directly to my email

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