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We are a group made up of friends, colleagues from the TV department and videographers in the church we attend, With the support of Xperimenta contemporary art workshop (Space for dialogue, study, analysis and creation of contemporary visual arts) -Actress Nefesh Ordoñez: My name is Keren Nefesh Ordoñez Roldán, I am 20 years old, Guatemalan, I am currently studying a degree in biological chemistry, I am a musician, cameraman and videographer. I have participated in musical recitals and in a television program as a violinist and singer, I have also collaborated in plays performed in Casa de Dios church I attend First time participating in the production of short films as an actress, this experience led me to learn more about myself, and to be able to carefully observe that God manifests himself in different ways in everything that surrounds us day by day.- - Editing Hugo Calvillo: My name is Hugo Calvillo, I am 37 years old, I was born in San Juan Sacatepéquez Guatemala, my academic background is in accounting and finance. My background in art is as a broadcast cameraman and video production and editing. - - Music and sound mix Isaiah Ordoñez: Hello, my name is Isaías de Jesús Ordoñez Roldán and they call me Isaiah. I am currently 22 years old and on August 21 I will be 23 years old. I'm a musician, sound engineer and hobby photographer. I do photography as a hobby, since I don't dedicate myself 100% to this but I do like it. I have been in music for eleven years since I played my first instrument (a piano) but it all started when I was eight years old when I discovered that music has a great versatility to transmit feelings through sounds, it seems like a joke, but no, and it is that my My first song on this instrument was little star, I have played in places like: Canal 27 and Casa De Dios. I have been working in sound for 4 years, starting at Casa de Dios where I am currently a sound engineer and my function as such is to monitor the musicians of this place, this complemented my musical talent because I learned recording techniques and the tools that are needed to be able to create digital music and be able to launch it on platforms, in my room I managed to set up a Home Studio, in this is my first keyboard, the one that reminds me of where I started and motivates me to keep going.- - Photography and assistant Mauricio Rojas: Jónathan Mauricio Rojas López, known as Mauricio. He was born in Guatemala City on May 18, 2001, he is a young apprentice and servant of Christ Jesus, Graduated from Industrial Bachelor and Expert in Graphic Arts in 2019, he is currently expanding his knowledge in the field of videography from the year 2021. Since childhood he showed artistic signs through pencil drawing which he has been perfecting over the years. He really enjoys environments surrounded by nature. - - Director and script: Alejandro Noriega Visual artist, his work ranges from abstract painting in its beginnings, later he ventured with digital technology techniques, works created from the computer in the 90s, he will continue working with techniques and media such as the intervention of public spaces, performance, installation, dance. and real-time video, video art, photography, videography and other media from early 2000 to date. His work has won awards such as: 2020. Honorable Mention, short film “Ephesians 6: 10-20, Engage Art Contest USA. 2012. First place of design, Monument to work, INMACO, Guatemala- 1992. First Place (Gold Glyph), Painting, VII Paiz Art Biennial, Guatemala – 1987. Third place Engraving Category. National School of Plastic Arts, Guatemala. His work has been exhibited internationally in: 2021. Short film “Ephesians 6: 10-20, Engage Art Contest USA 2020. Intervolution, Xperimenta, 2016. Contemporary art from Guatemala/Imago mundi/Italy 2016. Imago world, Venice Biennale Italy 2016. Contemporary Guatemala, Art All Night, Embgt. Washington, US. 2015. Art against oblivion, Photographic Strip. Santiago Missions, Paraguay. 2014. Star dust, (Intervention), Boadilla de rio seco, Spain. 2014. Central America and Panama Art, Northern Trust, Miami USA. 2010. I love you, I hate you, without you I cannot live, AHAVI, Tegucigalpa Honduras. 2004. GuateRica, National Gallery. Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture, San José, Costa Rica. 2000. Contemporary Painting of Guatemala, Salon of the Mexican Plastic Arts, Mexico City. 2000. City of Coyoacán Mexico DF 2000. City of Tehuacan, Puebla. Mexico 2000. Oaxaca City, Mexico 2000. Veracruz City, Mexico 2000. City of Jalapa, Mexico. 2000. Carmen City, Campeche, Mexico 1994. International Painting Festival, Cagnes Sur Mer. France. 1991. Guatemalan Contemporary Painting, University of Maine. USA He has participated in more than 150 exhibitions in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, the United States of America, France, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay and Venice. In the last twelve years he founded and has directed: I love you I don't hate you without you I can't live; (year 2010 to date, contemporary art exhibitions where artists of all means of expression participate). Xperimenta (experimental contemporary art workshop from 2016 to date).

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