Alliah Kennedy


Alliah Kennedy


Hi! My name is Alliah Kennedy and I am from Jamaica. I am currently in my final year of high school gearing up to go to University. My love of dance took root in my earlier years of life. I was introduced to it in third grade by my friend who joined the Sign Language and Dance Club at my prep school back then. Once seeing how the dancers used their bodies as a means of expression of emotions and how they moved so graciously and in sync all while having fun, I knew I wanted to be apart of that. Soon, after begging my parents for a while, I got the wondrous opportunity to attend dance lessons as an extra-curricular activity at the Khulcha Theatre School of Dance. When I ventured off to high school, I knew I had to join the dance club as soon as I got the chance because I fell so in love with the activity that I didn't want to stop.
Over the years I entered many competitions both in school, externally, and at my dance lessons. Some of my achievements placing 1st in the Young Choreographers' Competition in 2017 put on by the dance school, becoming a former member of the National Team of Performing Arts for my country as well as performing at numerous events island-wide both competing and showcasing. My most recent achievement is winning a gold medal at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) dance competition in February of this year at parish finals for my solo.
Fast forwarding to my present situation, I am currently the president and senior choreographer of Dance Club at my high school where our motto is "Dance to inspire; express with confidence". This means that, through dance, one should not only use it as a medium to express themselves, but to aspire to inspire others as well as to have confidence in yourself at all times, even in your mistakes.

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