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Allison Gobbell


Allison Gobbell
Artist Biography

I became a Christian at the age of 12 and fully committed my life to Christ at the age of 22. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from USC in 1991, I worked as a set painter in Hollywood on movies, tv shows and commercials. I have traveled throughout the U.S., lived in England and traveled much of Europe and Israel. It has been a privilege to see many original paintings from the masters along the way which also influences my work. My current home is a 1920’s adobe house in the sleepy town of Carpinteria, outside of Santa Barbara, CA. Living here with my husband and seven children is a bit like stepping out of the modern world and entering a magical land. I am a wife, a mother and an artist. I see how the modern world influences my children, with a mix of outcomes, some positive and some negative. All these influences go into shaping the art of course, but prayer, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit have the most influence.

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