AlokAvinash- Amateur Photographer, born in 1979, started photography in 2001 . Land and life in India became my passionate subject and I have tried to capture the various moods and moments of people living in rural areas. Won many international and national awards so far and my work has been appreciated by photo loving people. Professionally, I am a businessman but I spend all my spare time in pursuing photography and want to improve myself more by learning from the works of great masters like Henri Cartier Bresson, S. Paul, Ernst Haas, Steve McCurry, Raghu Rai and of course Santosh Rajgarhia. Purulia is a very remote and economically under developed district of West Bengal but with a photogenic topography having very rich cultural heritage and lively social customs. I feel privileged to live in such a place and capture the colorful life and landscapes of this district in my camera mainly.

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