Andre Reyes


Andre Reyes


Drawing since I've known myself, having grown up in my father's sign making workshop, I've always been fascinated with bible stories and Jesus of Nazareth. My home-studio practice has been guided by my interactions with my family and the myriad of art students whove passed through under my tutelage these past twenty-eight years. Nestled in the Santa Cruz Valley at the most north-easterly trailing tip of the South American Andes, I've been greatly influenced of late, by my own children's work, particularly that of my second son who loves creating sculptures, photos and paintings of plants, hummingbirds and butterflies he nurtures in our home garden. I'm inspired no end by my four art loving children and my wife and fellow artist, Maria, as we endeavour in encouraging the perpetual linking of all things to Our Lord Jesus Chist to the Glory of God the Father. My wife and I are both artist's and teachers in the nation's public school system.

Andre Stewart Reyes, (Artist Name)
(born 27 Oct 1968)

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