Andrew Breslin


Andrew Breslin


The first major thing I remember doing in my life happened when I was six years old. Lydia, my eldest sister, was given a song to learn as a special in church. It was a country song called “At Calvary.” As a recent addition to our church’s youth group she was incredibly excited and she practiced that song every day. My family was living in a four bedroom colonial house in 1994. There were eight of us. I was the baby, so my bedroom was a curtain rod at the end of the upstairs hallway. My sisters shared a bedroom, which was the room adjacent to the wall that my bed was against. Lydia practiced her song in her bedroom. I would listen to her practice that four minute song over and over again. She would play Side A all the the way way to the end, flip it to Side B and repeat, and repeat again. I learned that song very well, and I sang it all the time. Pastor‘s Wife heard me singing that song. Before Lydia had her chance to perform it, I was put on the stage. I brought the house down. My aspirations have never really changed since that day. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a singer.

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