Andrei Cicală


Andrei Cicală was born and spent his earliest childhood in Zrenjanin, Serbia. In the early eighties his parents moved to Trstenik, a small town in central Serbia, known by its hard industry. There he has acquired primary and secondary education. In 1994 Andrei left high school and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prishtine, where he studied sculpture. Upon completion of undergraduate studies, he entered graduate studies as the best student of his generation, and specialized sculpture in wood; in the same time he worked as a teaching assistant for clay modeling. In 2003 he successfully defended master's thesis and obtained a Master of sculpture. Since 2005 by 2008 he studied theology at the Protestant Theological College in Novi Sad. Ever since his undergraduate studies, Andrei participated in renowned group exhibitions and art colonies in the country and abroad, one of which should be mentioned: International Biennial of Small Format, St-Niklaas (Belgium); International Biennial of ex-libris, Krakow (Poland); Biennial of Miniature Art, Gornji Milanovac (Serbia); studio Basara - Obradovic, art colony, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia); Real Presence - international art workshops for young artists and students of Fine Arts, Belgrade (RP3, RP4 and RP5); Venice Biennale - Presentation of ILLYWORDS magazine (published artwork HEART); October Exibition, Krusevac (Serbia; several awards); Spring annual, Cacak (Serbia; Award of Public Library "Vladislav Petkovic - Dis" in 2008.); Oktoopus - New Media Biennial, Belgrade. He had several solo exhibitions in Serbia: Krusevac - National Museum Art Gallery, Belgrade - SKC Grand Gallery and CHAOS Gallery, Vranje, Leskovac, Nis, Aleksandrovac, Vrnjacka Banja, Trstenik, Cacak. Since the year 2000 he's been working at his studio, where he also runs a school for young talents. He's engaged in painting, sculpture and multimedia. He has extensive experience in the NGO sector as the founder of several NGO's and participant in various projects in the field of culture, fine arts and youth policy. Andrej currently lives and works in Vrbas, Serbia.

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