Angelo Bellobono


"I paint to back home. Painting is my map made by sweat, wind, cold, sun, climbs and descents, it is the construction of the path.” Through my work I want to investigates issues of belonging and identity, anthropology and geology, and how it affects landscape and people. By living in various mountain ranges around the world, the ice and mountains, especially the Mediterranean mountains, are frequent elements in my work; ice representing the planet’s archival memory, and mountains depicted as hinges and not barriers, represent a connecting cultural bridge. To me the Mediterranean sea is a big mountain lake. Alongside my pictorial research I have made several interdisciplinary activities and projects in which art, sport and biosustainability become instruments of social connectivity and microeconomic development, as in the case of Atla(s)now with the Amazigh communities of the Moroccan High Atlas, or Before me and after my time involving the Ramapough Lenape Native American and Io sono Futuro in the Appennine areas affected by the earthquake. In the 2018, for my project Linea Appennino 1201, I have crossed the italian Apennines from Calabria, south Italy, to Liguria, in the north, to collect the soil of each peak used as a matter for my paintings.

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