Anna Kruchinina


Anna Kruchinina


Born in Soviet Latvia. Raised in small town called Daugavpils. Inspired by living in Baltic Sea area and freshness of forests. Tried different art fields since childhood - School of Applied Arts - painting, graphics, later on graphic design and web-design, later on manual photography and collages. After graduation from secondary school applied to Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Foundation year. During the first study year got more and more interested in Cinematography and decided to apply to State University of Film and Television in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Graduated with a diploma in Directing of Photography but during all years was busy with making author fiction and documentary short films as a director. Participated in Sochi 2014 as an Assistant Director.But still photography was near and never stopped. For last seven years is busy with raising children - Marta - 6, Lazaros - nearly 2, and another one to be born soon. Working on few own documentary projects now and participated in other projects as a DOP. In photography - busy with capturing inspirations of daily life and simple things that are around.

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