Aurelia Schanzenbacher


Aurelia Schanzenbacher


Hello, my name is Aurelia Ann and I’m one of the three artists of Sisters Fine Arts. God has healed our family through the opportunity to share art with my sisters. During a visit to Hawaii two years ago, I asked my sisters to draw with me. We all like in different states, and there was not a common sibling bond that gave us community. Since then, we have created together by spending time online creating, combining our efforts in establishing "Sisters Fine Arts" Website, and starting a ministry together. I’ve been a photographer for ten years and an artist for three years. My switch to an artistry was the desire to paint/draw the photos taken throughout my travels. I have taken art courses at the community college, and from local art professionals. I work with all mediums from oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels and color pencils. I also enjoy quick drawings, urban sketching and working with inks, then throwing splashes of watercolor on the ink pieces. I wasn’t always a photographer or artist; however, once I moved to Southern Oregon I fell in love with the beauty of this state. Because Oregon provides unique landscapes, and a prevalence of wildlife, it gives me inspiration to create art and numerous opportunities to take photos, draw or paint what I see.

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Twitter: @AureliaAnnF

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Sisters Fine Arts

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