Debarun Biswas


I am Debarun Biswas, an amateur street photographer based in Kolkata and most importantly an apprentice. I am currently preparing for the job and continuing my studying.When I lost something in my life in 2018, I was emotionally broken and exhausted! I tried to survive by grasping something to free myself from this situation and just then the latent desire of photography awoke in my mind and I jumped into the world of photography like a huge ocean.From then on I started to love street and documentary photography.Since I don't have a camera at the moment, I take all the photos with my mobile phone. My work has been published in National Geographic, ROSL- London, Chizz Magazine, Inspired Street Gallery, International Street Photography and Reportage Gallery, Dhaka Photo Academy and many more.I think that if you love street and documentary photography, you can blend in with the roads, the people, their way of life, the dust, the bricks, the stones, everything on the street, and the biggest thing is to recognize yourself.

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