Beatrice Barry


I am a Christian who paints sacred images in unique ways. I'm a daughter of the King, a disciple of Jesus, a sister, mother, friend, evangelist, healing leader, student (MS Psychology), and a self-taught artist who is still discovering my style. I hope my images help people to see a different dimension to the faith. Communication with God isn’t one-sided, we must use all of our created self to both give and receive communication. Seeing, in the gospel of John it says – do what you see the Father does – Hearing John also says – do what you have heard from the Father - Feeling – having a physical sense on your heart/body it tells is in Ephesians -eyes of the heart are enlightened by Christ - Knowing – using the information in your intellect that forms thoughts 1 Corinthians - we are to have the mind of Christ. I formed Promise of the Father (fully integrated healing services) LLC because I am reaching the end of my master’s in psychology and beginning the second year of Encounter School of Ministry (healing ministry). I wanted to have a home for the healing from divorce retreats that I run and a place to grow healing services that help people encounter God using their whole created self (mind, body, spirit). Art is very healing; it provides a calming element that can help a heart and mind quiet itself and open to God. Art is an important form of nonverbal communication and if it was used more in ministry it could be a key to helping people open their minds to communication with God, which leads to healing from trauma, sickness, depression, and everything that this broken world tells is normal. We pray the ancient prayer “Our Father…” and ask that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. His perfect will – always done in heaven, this is the rightly ordered way! We pray that this comes to earth so that this life is rightly ordered through our free will, inviting God to act upon our lives, giving Him your YES in everything. This is deeply theological and so simple – the paradox that is our faith, God, so intimate that he knows us better than we know ourselves, but still so unfathomable that our brains can’t understand Him. Art is a bridge that helps us unite these two paradoxical ideas, bringing the simple to the unfathomable. – Art is seeing – Art is hearing – Art is feeling – Art is knowing. Art is Communication with God using our entire created self.

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Promise of the Father Healing Ministry

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