Bobby Bendito


I'm a saved man who's been where you've been or been where you're at. I've battled poverty, violence in the streets, and drug abuse. I've been the one at times with all the money and as time went on God allowed my selfish ways to break me down to the point where I was the borrower and an addict. God has always been there even when I didn't know it and He is doing things in my life that I could not do for myself. My failures have led to my victories, my wrong turns have turned into the best things that have happened to me. My pain has become my purpose. Grace replaced my scars and there's more, alot more and I pray God will allow us to cross paths one day. Until then know this, when you feel like you have fallen so far down that you can't get back up and the only thing you can do is look up, know right then and there in that moment that it's not an accident and God has appointed that very moment for you to get to know Him better! In Jesus Christ mighty name, hallelujah and amen!!!!!!!

Best Contact Method

Bobby Bendito (616)-272-2528

Business Name/Organization

Bendito Muzik

Artwork Entries

2nd Place, Finalists


Bobby Bendito


Good vs evil

Finalists, Honorable Mention

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