Brenda Stichter


My paintings are an invitation. I have chosen to use abstract painting to share the life, joy, and freedom which I have found in Jesus Christ. Though sorrow and darkness are part of every life, my desire is to show that there is great hope in Him. Inspired by and responding to beauty, culture, and my Creator, I paint color filled layers of meaning and paint that are often complex, and always thoughtful. As most abstract artists do, I take great delight in color, texture, line and composition. There is an undeniable pleasure in responding to what I see on the canvas. I can be absolutely distracted by a 1” square passage in a painting. I paint with acrylic paint and mediums, natural additives such as mica and sand, and sometimes gold leaf or other substances. Brushes, kitchen tools, fingers, plastic cards, and many other things are part of my tool kit as an experimental painter. Member: Fort Wayne Artists Guild •Hoosier Salon • Lakeland Art • Hoosier Woman Artist Brenda has been awarded the BoldBrush Award for Abstract, BoldBrush 1st prize for Abstract, and has several paintings in the BoldBrush Painting Competition Top 15%. She has been selected to participate in the Hoosier Salon, as well as the SALI National Abstract Art Exhibition, and her work has won awards in many competitions and exhibits.

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