Brenda Rossouw


Brenda Rossouw


Brenda Rossouw is a South African artist. She's passionate about ABBA, YESHUA, RUACH HA-KODESH & THE WORD. After University (Stellenbosch University: BA Fine Art & Education) her career commenced at Sarie Magazine as layout artist and stylist. Freelancing, tutoring and co-shop owner of Dumo-X & Samech Nes (Christian books, music, art & crafts) followed. Style of work : Figurative/Symbolism/Impressionism Medium: Mixed Media; Printmaking (Monotype- Ink & Oil Paint, Cyanotype, Nature-printing); Drawing (Charcoal, Pastel, Conte, Pen, Pencil); Paint (Oil & Watercolor); Photography; Mosaic. Exhibit: Mostly at Churches and Biblical Festivals.

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