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Briana Webster


My name is Briana Webster, I am 20 years old. I was born in La Ceiba, Honduras. I can surely say that God has been so good to me , I am thankful unto him for everything. Some people may ask why God is like everything I talk about, but I am sure if it was not because of him I would have not made it this far without a mother and father. Both were deceased my mom when I was 12 and my dad when I was 18 years old which led me into depression. Leaving me with my younger sibling I had to find the way to work and study at the same time to take care of her. Began to work since I was 16 years old. My older brother moved on with his life and began to work as well. In 2017 it was a major pull down for the family financial problems and my little sister almost died from a sickness but she was healed, prayer prevailed once again. Thank God for my achievements I am a finance and accountant graduate, I like to write poems, spoken word poetry as an encouragemnt to others using my testimony that no matter how dark life may seem there will always be a way out. I like to sing and be there for others because it is truly nerve wrecking to go through a mental break down with no one to turn to. My dream is to become a specialized Dr. but due to my economical situation I have not began to study but I know doors will be opened.
But once again God is faithful and I am persuaded that I could not make it this far if it was not for him.

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