Betty Spackman, MFA is a multimedia installation artist, painter, educator and author. She has worked, taught and exhibited internationally for over 20 years and spoken at conferences and galleries in Canada, Europe, the US, and Mexico. She has a background in Theatre, Animation, Performance Art and Video Art. Spackman’s work has often centered on cultural objects and the stories connected to them. Her recent focus is on issues of animal/human relations including ‘Found Want-ing. A Multimedia Installation Regarding Grief and Gratitude” 2010-11). Her current project, ‘A Creature Chronicle. Considering Creation: Faith and Fable. Fact and Fic-tion.’ continues to address these issues with a focus on questions raised in the theo-ries and practice of Posthumanism, comparing the use of creation narratives in faith, science and art. She has written and illustrated art related books including, ‘A Profound Weakness: Christians and Kitsch’, a 500p illustrated book published in 2005 by Piquant Editions, UK which is about images of faith in popular culture. Spackman has taught studio art at several Universities in Canada and the US as well as in various community arts programs and developed ‘The Open Studio Program’, an alternative community education model for emerging artists. She is co-founder of the Fort Gallery in Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Spackman currently lives and works in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

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