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North American choreographer, Camille Hanson, and Spanish visual artist, Juan Carlos Arévalo, currently live and work in Madrid, Spain, and travel nationally and internationally teaching/performing/creating. They have been exploring dance, visual art and environment as process and performance since 2008; producing a steady stream of work acclaimed for it´s environmental and social commitment. Winners of honorary awards in the arts from Arteco 2021 and Engage Art Contest 2020, recent presentations include: UN Climate Summit COP25 Madrid; The 3rd Congress of the Advancement for Peace, Jerusalem; Lincoln Center, N.Y.C.; SPAIN NOW Festival, London; The 8th International Marine Mammal Conference, Paris; STARLITE Festival, TEA Museum, Tenerife; Performing Arts Festival Hermosillo, Mexico; Stanford University, CA among others. They have received support from leading cultural centers in Spain and other institutions abroad including: The Bogliasco Foundation, Planet Earth Arts Foundation, Stanford University, Advanced Leadership Foundation, Greenpeace Spain, Dpto. of Environment and Climate Change of Gibraltar and DMG Foundation co-founded by UNESCO and the foundation of Pope Francis, Scholas.

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