Cassidy Cove


"Positivity Is King,Empathy Is Queen, Self worth is Priceless "-Cassidy Cove Presentation & Biography I started drawing when I was young. Then I had lost my passion for a long time, I was still taking photos throughout the years. Now my passion is everything and In my art I find energy Inside myself and endless possibility. I am working on a project for my novels and its a game changer in the ways of horror. I hope to one day be able to create cinematic universe and help direct these stories for the world. My current art which I do is mostly negativity towards positivism. I do Photography (digital,surreal),Art Drawing Forests,Bodies of Water,Abstract,Spiritual & Paranormal,Era items and pieces, Sketches,and fantasy & Science fiction. Thank You for Your Support and God-bless! P.S- Once off my feet more I will be putting a % of my work towards various charities, I am very humbled and appreciate you all because in a way we all are Artist!!!! 🙂

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