Marley Nunez


My name is Marley Nunez. My Artist name is Marley Chatuye. I was born may 30th 1985 to my mom Judith Castillo and my dad Noawel Nunez. I have three brothers one sister and two kids of my own. My dad is a fisherman and my mom is a house wife. I have been doing music for 10 years and I produce music videos. From a eary age I use to listen to music and sing. As I grow older I start writing my own lyrics. Music is where I find comfort and happiness. Growing up as a child in Hopkins Village I use to hear a lot of traditional music as time goes by I got introduced to othe genre of music.
The sound of the instruments use in jazz hook my ears and I would spend time playing saxophone sound with my mouth because I don't have access to a saxophone. The sound of saxophone live with me until I finally get to see someone actually playing saxophone and I was blown away. This is it I need to know that guy he will change my life and with the grace of god I found the courage to approach him and from then we became friends.
Before I went deep into music I work as a boat captain for a snorkeling and fishing company. I try my best to be the nicest person you can come across Because I believe a kind heart can take you a long way. My two kids Tyra and Marley I love them do all that I can to make sure mom put food on the table.

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