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Because I have learned that our deepest beliefs in beauty and truth can escort us out of dark days with our hope intact, I am given to this mission - to make art for the child in all of us. A person with a childlike heart is humbly resigned to being in a state of dependence no matter their age. A childlike disposition causes us to look outside ourselves, ready to learn and then to believe, even in that which we cannot see. Surrounding ourselves with beauty and truth helps us secure a hopeful foundation to stand upon when days of difficulty come to us. My work is to get my self out of the way and tell stories that will nudge the artist deep within all of us to come alive with the heart of a child.

My purpose is singular, but my materials are varied. Besides my digital work, I enjoy creating with torch fired enamels, stained glass, encaustics, acrylics and paper clay. It took most of my life for me to understand the gifts I've been entrusted with and today I endeavor to be a good steward of them. I am a storyteller in whatever medium I choose. I want to make meaningful and imaginary work that grows my own sense of reality and that of others.

I saw a glimmer of my artistic voice at a young age, and rediscovered it as an adult through illness and grief.

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