Cocoa Huang


Cocoa has been an independent artist for nine years in China and has created over 300 pieces of original works ( Majority are Oil and acrylics ). She prefers abstract way because she realized that they can be more accurate to express the spiritual world. Cocoa has an extensive background in internet, advertising, spirituality, and art. She has been working as editor, project manager etc. in Internet companies for ten years. One day, she realized that business world was far away from her dreamy world. Then, she studied abroad in Loyola University, Chicago, The teaching and experience over there transformed her. Also, she figured out that her utmost dream was to be an artist so that to spread God’s love and beauty to the world. Therefore, she started to learn painting in 2011. One day, she got an "Ah-ha" moment when she was meditating before one of Rothko's works, it was like a magic that drawing her into it with great spiritual energy. That experience served as the catalyst that triggered her creativity. Since then, she started to create abstract works. The act of painting felt incredibly tranquil and emotionally freeing -- by pouring pigments to canvas, she felt like she was tapping into a creative place that she never knew. Meanwhile, she felt Holy Spirit was right there with her...Some paintings were turned out so amazing... She thinks some of them were not painted by her, but by the spirit. Her work is about transforming the unseen world into abstract paintings. Each piece begins with meditation, where she connected with God; by applying practices and imagination, step by step, she created a new universe on canvas. She just wants to pass on the love, beauty and energy from God to the world.

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