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Curtis Salonick


It was on the occasion of my sixteen birthday, that my parents presented me with my first camera, a Pentax K-1000 35mm film camera, at the time I was seeking some means of self expression such as painting or drawing however I had little success due in part to my impatience. That is where the camera was the perfect fit. It enabled me to record an image instantly and in its entirety if you discounted the time it took to send out and develop; five to seven days. I now believed that I held in my hands the object of my creative quest. Next I began to photograph like most others that which was most available to me, my friends and family and since I liked to hike in the woods, it's inhabitants. My first film was color negative, then as I became more familiar with other films I switched to Koda-Chrome ASA 25 slide film. This was the film that I chose to record what I thought was my artistic expression. As I became more familiar with the operation of the camera my photographic opportunities expanded, becoming the High School year book photographer (1971) while doing an occasional paying gig. These opportunities introduced me to black and white film, since at the time that was what was required. I graduated High School in 1971, and attended a local Community College seeking an associate degree in education (1971 thru 1973)

It was during this period of time in (June of 1972 ) that a devastating flood inundated my town, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. This event would change my perspective on photography as being just a person quest. Since, at my mothers coaxing, I was encouraged to visit the local newspaper and inquire if they needed any help. I did not think this idea had much of a chance of success but I complied, not realizing that at the time the paper had no staff photographers. So there I found myself standing in the news room before this imposing editor, asking in a timid voice, if he needed any photographic help. The answer, to my surprise, was, as he took the stogie from his lips, yes, go out and photograph everything.

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Curtis Salonick


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