Cynthia Townsend


Cynthia Townsend


Cynthia Townsend is an educator and entrepreneur. I love the Trinity, my children, learning, teaching and traveling. I have been teaching for over 20 years from K-collegiate. Teaching demands creativity, thus through teaching and positions I have held in the past I have had opportunity to develop my creativity as a way of serving others. As an business owner, I enjoy seeing others creativity and helping them showcase and/or further develop their own creativity.

Moritz Kellerman has been painting abstracts since he was a boy. He studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. His work has been in numerous gallery and museum shows. He currently is a professor of art that still enjoys the exploration of color and the glazing process that is essential to abstract painting. He also enjoys helping students to develop their own skills and sense of exploration.

Phil The VIB3S (Philander Wade) fell in love with music at a young age and decided to pursue it in all aspects. He dances, sing and produces music and video. He recently started a Christian based company that offers multiple types of media entertainment and services. They provide DJ services, music production, photography, video, graphics and web design.

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