Daindra Harrison


Daindra Harrison


Daindra Harrison is an eighteen years young high student. She is also an actor, voice talent, poet and a writer. Throughout her years she has performed in many theatrical performances one of the latest being a show entitled 'Honey Moon' written and directed by Andrea Delcita Wright. In 2019 she participated and won the University of the Wet Indies (UWI) 'Talk the Poem Competition' where the conclusion was made based upon her strong speaking voice. The following summer she decided to better her talent by doing a short course in Voice and Speech and Video Production at the Media Training Institute (MTI) in Jamaica where she came out successfully as one of the top students. Daindra Harrison is overall a sociable, talented and fun-loving person.

Best Contact Method

Email Address: daindrah@gmail.com
Instagram: @daindrahh

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