Daineen McFadden


Daineen McFadden


I have long since loved art since I was a child drawing purple cows and finding abstract art quite fascinating. I was given my first art desk for Christmas one year in High School by my parents along with art supplies. I spent many days after school in my room enveloped in the development of my artwork. I created art well into my early adult years strictly for pleasure. I was commissioned for a few murals and other pieces. I found my way into early childcare and always managed to incorporate creativity with the materials I made and the children I taught. After teaching 13 years I decided to marry my passion for art and love for teaching. I attended UTA Arlington and received my BFA in Art Education Spring 2019. I am now an Art teacher with FWISD and love every part of what I do. I continue to create art and I am currently working on a series of pieces to publish as a compilation for a children's book. My work is based on my personal relationships and experiences with family and my Father in Heaven. I strive to honor God in my Artwork and find my deepest connection to Him through my artmaking process. It is my own personal fellowship with Him.

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