Dan Cortes


Dan Cortes


Dan Cortes - Writer/Director

Dan Cortes is an award-winning short film director, editor and video cinematographer. He currently serves as the Creative Video Producer and Editor for Franciscan University of Steubenville. He has also worked as a producer, videographer, and editor in Syracuse, NY, and a freelance cinematographer and editor in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Dan Cortes has multiple film projects in development including a Feature-film about Montezuma and the Aztecs with renown 3 time Academy Award winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (REDS, APOCALYPSE NOW, THE LAST EMPEROR).

Simon Pio Skube - Actor

Simon Pio Skube is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Misty Skube of
Front Royal, Virginia and is one of 11 children. He is very active in sports,
his favorite being football, and regularly serves as an altar boy at his
home parish of St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church. ‘Bird of Prey’
is his first film.

Micheal McMullin –Actor

Micheal McMullin is a DC, VA, Maryland actor/artist. At the age of 45 he
decided to pursue his lifelong dream of acting. He began with 48 Hour
film competition and his journey has lead him into over a dozen feature
length projects and 60 short film productions, playing a lead or major
supporting role in many of them. The roles have varied from villain to
hero and from derelict to mastermind. Micheal approaches each role
with a fresh interpretation. As an artist, he finds pleasure in creating a
character that is unrecognizable from the next one. Currently he is
playing the villain Warden in Michael Neal's "Swords of Insurgency". He
has just recent picked up small supporting roles in Darkru, and R-Naught-
15, both locally produced and highly anticipated productions. His early works include roles in "City of Lost Souls", "All in the Game", "Arrange to
Settle", "Dinner with an Alchemist" and "Grey Angel". Numerous short
films such as "Selfless", "Retribution”, “Comeuppance", "My Audience" “The Alaris Project” and "Bird of Prey".

Best Contact Method

Contact: https://mosaiah.wixsite.com/bird-of-prey/contact

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Dan Cortes


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