Daniella Manning


Daniella Manning


Shuneal Sassy,
“The Determined Diva”

Despite the harsh economic climate of Jamaica and the additional burden of being female, there is a young beautiful and multi talented woman who is determined to do more than just surviving. She is Shuneal Sassy who calls herself “The Determined Diva”.
She is an upcoming Reggae and Dancehall singer who has done a number of recordings and a couple of music videos. She writes her own songs and has even tried her hands at producing. Her music is available all over the world through stores like Amazon and ITunes.
As a performer, “The Determined Diva” has appeared on Sting (2009) and was a fifth place finisher in Magnum Kings and Queens (2011), and participated on the Flow road show (2013). Her current singles are titled “Super Girl” and “Good like Dat” and her music videos are “You and Me Tonight” and “Nah Pop Dung”. She is currently working with music producers, Abra Simzz of Zimbabwe and Kavin Henry aka DJ Mudslide from Simpac Music. She is now working on the video for “Good Like Dat”.
Shuneal Sassy “The Determined Diva has worked with producers like CD Master from the Inna Mi House Music Lable , Gavin from Equiknoxx Music ,Damion Benjamin of Star D Production and with well known producer DJ Neil From the Cashflow Records .
She was born on December 5, 1990 and named Daniella Russhana Manning by her Parents. This Sagittarian young lady was destined to be an entertainer. She has been involved in performing since her days at Waterford Primary School. There she participated in drama and the school choir. At Waterford High she continued in the same vane participating in singing and dancing contests. There she started, sing, dance and perform at talent shows in school and in her surrounding communities, while in high school she won her school’s talent show and walked away with a cash prized and recognition from school mates. However, in her senior year of high school she developed a new interest; fashion and beauty. These new interest have led her to enter a number of beauty pageants including the Miss Teen Portmore in 2008. Yet there is more to Sassy than music and fashion as she demonstrated by obtaining second place in a national essay competition for teens while at the Waterford High School. At Sixteen years old, because of her desire to become a performer she adopted the name Sunshine. This she later changed to Shuneal which is a Muslim name that means the “The Chosen One “and Sassy is a French name which means “Very Pretty Girl” and “full of life” because she believes it fits her new image of a mature and sexy young woman.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shunealsassy1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShunealSassy

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For all inquiries feel free to contact me at shunealsassymusic@gmail.com

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Island Gemz Production

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