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Blessings, I'm Darian Johnson (Juco Law), 30, recently married and soon to be a father! As a follower of the Lord Jesus, I believe that there is no higher purpose in life other than to proclaim the Gospel to expose people to the irresistible aroma of Christ with hopes of inspiring repentance and a living faith. I'm involved in multiple Bible studies with my home church and am currently co-hosting a class on apologetics based on a short-term course I developed to equip Christians with basic knowledge and principles on defending their faith. I feel we should always seek to be active in some form of ministry, no matter how small, and strive to engage the world, so I endeavor to make music that glorifies God and challenges non-Christians to think twice about their convictions. I am not afraid to face the enemy head-on; he has plagued me for the past decade with debilitating health problems that trigger anxiety and a fear of death that ultimately drove me from atheism to Christ, and now I believe I am being delivered. I know the enemy intimately, and am familiar with the war he is waging on mankind. If we have love, we must risk being hated. If we believe Christ saves, we will risk being attacked. For, those who put on the Lord Jesus know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I pray for the saints in this contest, for America, and for the church. God bless. Amen!

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Darian Johnson



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