Datis Golmakani


Datis Golmakani Painter and caricaturist 1985 - born in Iran Diploma in Painting from Mashhad _ Special award winner at the Turkish Cartoon Festival "Nasreddin Hodscha" cartoon festival Participation in numerous exhibitions and festivals in Iran, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Mexico, Italy, France, Portugal ... and many others others in the field of caricature as well as awards and book publications. _ Cooperation with the community. Implementation of various urban wall painting projects as well as repair and patina work on the ceiling and walls. _4 years of teaching experience at the Academy of Arts in Iran. 2012 - Participation in the Spring Festival in Mashhad with a house wall design at the Hotel Adoration on Martyrs Square and mural projects in the city. 2017 - Mural of Sankt Florian, in Dickschieder Heidenrod. Fire department and Painting in Huppert of the back of the Limes Hall 2018 - Participation in the International Painting Festival of UNESCO France, Paris 2019 - Participation in the International Painting Festival of UNESCO Italy, Rome 2019 - Realization of a solo exhibition in the Godot-die Kultur Werkstatt e.V. Wiesbaden. 2020 - Certificate of recognition for participation in the Luxembourg International Art Prize. 2021 - Winner of the special award of the Melo Japan Festival, Beijing _ Paintings published in the UNESCO art calendar _ Exclusive interview with LandEscape International Magazine, on 24 pages _ Publication of three works in Marvelous Virtual Art Magazine, Turkey _ Publication of a work in the figurative virtual exhibition The Berlin, Art matrix _ Published 6 works in Art Magazineium Belgium. _ Published in Art Hole Magazine, Ireland.

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