Desiree Martinez


Desiree Martinez


My name is Desirée. I began painting when I was two years old, I started playing the violin at 10 years old and I started cooking at 13. These three arts have been an immense part of my life. But the greatest of these has always been Visual Arts. I spent most of my artistic youth focused on being as realistic as possible with very little symbolism. But with the years that has changed. Even though "beauty" in art is a big part of my journey, that doesn't mean I am not willing to sacrifice it for the sake of expressing what I'd like to express

I started Demasiado Arte recently, it is an art blog that focuses on Culinary Arts, Music history and Visual Arts. Where I do my best to educate and compel others to enjoy and appreciate these arts. You can also find my artist statement and art there!

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