Diane Wunderlich


Diane Wunderlich


I was always interested in art at a very early age and became focused on watercolors while attending school in Chicago, IL under the instruction of Irving Shapiro. I feel art is an extension and expression of myself and who I am. Combining my love of art and my love of wildlife has made my work even more fulfilling. Whether I am in the field taking reference photos or in the studio painting I truly enjoy what I do. I hope I always convey that appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us and show the many things God has blessed us with. Whether it’s portraying the innocence of a child, the wrinkles of an elderly person of a life well lived, our beautiful countryside and the wildlife within, keepsakes and mementos of the past, or my own visual interpretation, such as Ephesians 6, I feel inspired each day to try and best use my talents to share with others.
I was blessed with parents who supported and encouraged me to follow my dreams of becoming an artist and a husband and family who continue to encourage me with that dream. God has truly blessed me!


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www.dianewunderlich.com or on FB: Diane Ubelhor-Wunderlich Art

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