Olena Brzhosniovska


Olena Brzhosniovska


Hi! I am a Christian, evangelist, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister, and I am also an artist. The Lord put in me a desire not only to paint on various topics, but also to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Good News to people through art, to preach through painting about the Sacrifice of Christ. I was very inspired by your proposal! I work in different techniques and themes, paint pictures, make illustrations for books. The world created by God is beautiful ! The beauty of nature, animals, humans, fascinate and inspire me. The secrets of the creation carry away with them, and these secrets are inside you and around you. The entire visible and invisible world reflects the beauty of the Creator's plan and I always go to Him for an answer to my questions. And of course, the main driving force, energy, in my work, is Love!

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https://www.saatchiart.com/blessel https://www.pinterest.ru/ArtPaintingsElenaBrz/_created/ https://www.instagram.com/artist.brzhosniovskaya/

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Original paintings by the artist Elena Brzhosniovskaya

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